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    e-filing of pleading shall be mandatory where the debts to be recovered, as mention in the application, is rupees one hundred crore and above.


There are 39 DRTs and 5 DRATs, which are single Member Tribunals. The jurisdiction of DRATs and list of DRTs is as below:

Tribunal Jurisdictions
DRAT Allahabad (Jurisdiction over 6 DRTs)
DRT Allahabad DRT Dehradun DRT Jabalpur DRT Lucknow
DRT Patna DRT Ranchi
DRAT Chennai (Jurisdiction over 9 DRTs)
DRT Chennai-1 DRT Chennai-2 DRT Chennai-3 DRT Bengaluru-1
DRT Bengaluru-2 DRT Coimbatore DRT Ernakulam-1 DRT Ernakulam-2
DRT Madurai
DRAT Delhi (Jurisdiction over 7 DRTs)
DRT Delhi-1 DRT Delhi-2 DRT Delhi-3 DRT Chandigarh-1
DRT Chandigarh-2 DRT Chandigarh-3 DRT Jaipur
DRAT Kolkata (Jurisdiction over 9 DRTs)
DRT Kolkata-1 DRT Kolkata-2 DRT Kolkata-3 DRT Hyderabad-1
DRT Hyderabad-2 DRT Visakhapatnam DRT Siliguri DRT Cuttack
DRT Guwahati
DRAT Mumbai (Jurisdiction over 8 DRTs)
DRT Mumbai-1 DRT Mumbai-2 DRT Mumbai-3 DRT Ahmedabad-1
DRT Ahmedabad-2 DRT Aurangabad DRT Nagpur DRT Pune